Incline High School Cross Country

The Incline High School Cross Country Team has a proud history of high participation and success since Coach Bill Devine was able to bring the program back in the fall of 1989.

During his tenure as Head Coach, the program has averaged between 20 and 30 participants from a school population of approximately 350 students. Along the way, the teams have won six State Team Titles and five Second Place finishes. Incline Harriers (Cross Country Runners) have also taken 13 Individual Titles during that period.

After 26 years of coaching the team, Bill Devine handed the responsibility of coaching over to JP Donovan, a former IHS Cross Country runner who was on the team in 2004. JP assisted Bill in the 2011/12 seasons before he took over the team in 2013. In 2015, Karl Volz joined the coaching staff and coached with JP. For the 2016 season, JP will be returning to school to pursue a teaching career and Karl will take over as Head Coach for the team.

As is the case with all other High School Sports programs, our costs to travel and participate in events during the season are funded primarily through fund raisers and donations. The Firecracker 5K is our main fund raiser for the season. We appreciate the support of everyone who participates in, donates to and sponsors this event. You are a key factor in allowing our program to continue at the highest level.